Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAVs are converted vehicles which enable you to travel either as a driver or a passenger without transferring out of your wheelchair. If you struggle to get in and out of your chair or it causes you significant discomfort, this is most likely the right choice for you. A range of models are available with conversions which allow you to travel via wheelchair as a passenger, while a more limited choice is available for those who wish to travel via wheelchair as a driver.

However, if you are able to transfer from your chair, there are other options available to consider, such as a standard car fitted out with the appropriate adaptations to allow you to get in and out, as well as stowage adaptions for your wheelchair. Transfer plates, hoists and swivel seats are all potential options if you do choose this over a WAV.

The final decision on your WAV adaptation is up to you, and which choice you feel will be convenient, comfortable and allow you to enjoy your travels worry-free.

To find out more about wheelchair accessible vehicles, adaptations, and which option is right for your needs, contact our dedicated specialists here at Richmond Motability who’ll be happy to advise.