Customise your car to fit your needs

Life on the roads should be simple and hassle free – so we want to make adapting your Motability car as easy and low-cost as possible.

What type of adaptations are available?

Three types of Motability adaptations are available: Driving adaptations – to assist you with driving the vehicle and improve your driving experience Stowage adaptations – for stowing away your scooter, wheelchair or any equipment you require Access adaptations – for help getting in and out of the car. These categories encompass a vast range of specific adaptations suited to every need; your Richmond Motability advisor can advise you on what’s available for your specific requirements.

How do I add adaptations to my Motability car?

The easiest way to add adaptations to your Motability car is by ordering them before the start of your lease agreement. It’s best to decide which adaptations you require before settling on a car, as some aren’t suitable for certain vehicle types. Our Richmond Motability team will be happy to assist you: they’ll be able to advise you on which cars are best suited your needs. Once you’ve decided on which adaptations are right for you, as well as the car you’d like, we at Richmond will liaise with a local adaption installer, so that when you pick your car up it’s already adapted to your needs and ready for you to drive away worry-free.

How much will adapting my Motability car cost me?

Many of the most popular Motability adaptations are completely free of charge via the scheme. However, some more complex adaptations such as swivel seat systems can incur a cost - there is financial help available if you require such adaptations. You can get a rough guide on how much your adaptations might cost by contacting our Specialists.

Contact Richmond Motability for more information on Motability Adaptions

The best way to find out which adaptations will make life easiest for you, how much it will cost and how to find help covering the costs, is to contact the dedicated Motability specialists here at Richmond. Get in touch today via phone or online enquiry; we’re always happy to hear from you.