Financial Help

Choose the car that’s right for you – without any financial strain

Thanks to the Motability scheme, we at Richmond are able to offer an excellent choice of Motability cars available with no advance payment. However, the car that’s right for your needs might not always be the cheapest – which is why there’s financial help available to Motability scheme customers whose disability means they require a pricier car with an advance payment.

If you’re a wheelchair user, you will likely require a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), which may be more expensive. If this is the case, or if you require another Motability solution which you would otherwise struggle to afford, there’s a grant available to help. This can also be used to cover any adaptations to your car that go beyond your budget.

Motability take into consideration a wide range of factors before deciding whether or not you qualify for an additional grant, including your disability, your household circumstances, any equipment you require and your financial means.

To apply for financial help, or find out more about how to stay mobile at a price you can afford, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Motability specialists here at Richmond Motor Group. We’re always happy to help.